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Customer Service Portals


Tailored to fit your business.

In the digital age, people want answers, and they want them now. Gone are the days of lengthy email exchanges and endless hold music. Our Customer Service Portals offer real-time solutions that deliver instant gratification.

Customer Services Portals are dynamic gateways where your users can access real-time assistance, view account details, or tackle common queries—all without the need for a middleman. Enhanced user satisfaction, streamlined operations, and a significant cost savings are just the tip of the iceberg of benefits.

Our portals are not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. They're tailored for your users and blend seamlessly with your existing key systems.
Your portal, your rules.

Our services - Digitalist Open Tech

Digital with no limits.


Today's customer service is like your favorite playlist; always on, always tuned into your needs, and just a click away

Streamlined processes

We tailor digital portals to sync seamlessly with a variety of systems. Think for example Salesforce for streamlining your business processes, Keycloak for foolproof identification, and Drupal for delivering crisp, engaging content.

But why stop there? Our portals aren't just about pretty interfaces; they're performance powerhouses. Imagine slashing your customer service workload and seeing those new order numbers soar. That's right, our portals free up your team to do what they do best—like crushing those marketing goals—while the sales pretty much take care of themselves.

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Why our Customer Service Portals?

You're probably wondering, "Why choose these guys for our Digital Service Portals?" Great question! Allow us to break it down for you:

Strong and secure user authentication and management

We use Keycloak to provide federated authentication and authorization using industry standard protocols. This provides users of your portal to have a single sign-on which will allow them to access the portal and other related services.

Open Source Identity and Access Management

Streamline User Interactions with Self-Service Options

Our portals act like a digital concierge for your business. From FAQs to live chat, we've got all the bases covered.

Open Technologies for the Win

Open tech is more than just a buzzword around here; it's our mantra. From limitless customization to an ever-evolving tech stack, the benefits are endless. And let's not forget the cost-effectiveness; your budget will thank you.

True Partnership: Your Success is Our Success

We're not just a vendor; we're your partner in crime—well, not crime, but definitely in digital service portal success. We stick around for the long haul, supporting you every step of the way as your business evolves.

Comprehensive Full-Stack Solutions

From dazzling front-end visuals to robust back-end functionalities, we've got it all. Our full-stack prowess means you get a holistic solution, customized to your unique business needs. We use Next.JS for creating our full-stack application. Next.JS is used by the biggest companies in the world to provide high performing web applications -and that's what we do for you too. You can pick a headless CMS such as Directus or Strapi to manage data and content assets for your portal.

User-Centric Approach for Maximized ROI

Your customers deserve an customer service that's as fabulous as your company. We focus on creating user-centric designs that not only wow your audience but also bring in tangible results.

End-to-End Data Encryption for Enhanced Security

Security isn't just a feature; it's a promise. We use industry standard strong encryption at different layers of our solutions to keep yours and your customer’s data safe and sound.

Let's talk!

We are fast & curious

We replace old, expensive, and challenging systems with modern, flexible, and cost effective solutions. And we do it with a business critical approach to bring you the absolute maximum value -not only now but also in the future. 

We believe that high quality is way more cost-effective than cheap & easy tricks.

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