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You're not looking for another job.

You're searching for a unique opportunity where you can truly flex your professional muscles.

That's exactly where we come in.


Hey there techies!

Wondering what's next on your coding journey? Looking for a role that values your mad programming skills while letting you play around with the latest technologies? Well, then you've landed at the right place!

Our team of experts and diverse client base is growing super-fast. We are a cretified Great Place To Work with a team of dedicated professionals from a stronger society, equipped with the power of open technologies. We're a company that places great importance on personal characteristics and the will to learn and grow in the open tech environment.

We're not just about fitting a CV to a job description but about creating meaningful relationships, understanding your aspirations, and ensuring you land in a place that values your expertise and contribution.

Dream team open positions

Project Manager (Latvia Team)

We are looking for team player to make sure we deliver reliable websites that meet and exceed expectations of our customers.

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Open application Finland & Latvia

Can't find the right role? Wondering what's next on your coding journey or project management adventure? Send us an open application!

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Great Place to Work

GPTW certification is not just a badge of honor; it is also a reflection of the feedback provided by our employees. Only 100% of our continuously growing team thinks Digitalist Open Tech is an exceptionally awesome place to work.

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